Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PAPER BULLET Now Available

My book Paper Bullets: Point-Blank Notions on Writing is now available on Amazon.
Here’s the blurb and the table of contents:

If you want to take a real shot at writing, here’s some ammo.
This book knows why you sit paralyzed in front of a blank page.
This book laughs in the face of writer’s block and smirks a little at the Grammar Police.
This book stalks successful writers, visits the moldering bones of Shakespeare, and takes a casual stroll through Uncanny Valley.
Before you get to the last page, you will have spent time with Charles Dickens, Hermann Hesse, Mary Shelley, Neil Finn, Duke Ellington, and Rod Serling. You will have sneered at Hollywood, scoffed at Kerouac, and mocked Coleridge.
Along the way, you will randomly mix chemicals, learn how to write poetry in sixty-seconds, and possibly destroy the last obstacle that has kept you from truly becoming a writer.
If you’ve ever thought about writing a novel. If you miss the creativity you had back when you built pillow forts. If you are one of the few people on earth who still loves books—this one might be for you.

Table of Contents

1          Bard Bones

2          High-Caliber Characters

3          Chimera

4          Gunslingers in a Glass Cage

5          Nooks and Crannies

6          How to Be a Law-Abiding Criminal

7          Fight the Potato

8          The Exclamation Point and the Point of Exclamation

9          On Patrol in Uncanny Valley

10        Defending Your Pillow Fort

It is currently only in e-book form, but hard copies are forthcoming.

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