Thursday, August 3, 2017

Current Projects August 3, 2017

For the sake of my own accountability, and to feel like I’m making progress, I’m going to try and post works in progress on a regular basis.
The plan is to post updates on this blog every week. I’ll tweet updates every day at @AlmostBruce on Twitter.

Mobius Girl (a novel)

55 chapters long

                        Chapters Completed

3rd Draft                      24

Beta (4th) Draft           12

“Concerning the Complications of Perfection”

an essay about Ezekiel 43

based on my lesson presented at Miller Street church of Christ
for the Summer Series
on Aug 1, 2017

rough draft complete

The Hyland Senior Play

I have a working title—TBA.

Finished a basic outline of the story’s structure.

It has a relatively complicated layout.

Character names complete along with brief description.

Real Life in a Virtual World

Rough outline is done.

Started the first draft.

Hyland Play 2018

I have a very basic idea. That’s it.

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