Friday, October 7, 2016

Bravo Avenue: Hyland Senior Play 2016

I’m working on the rough draft of a play written specifically for the seniors at Hyland. The official title is Bravo Avenue

Every year, the juniors (soon to be seniors) and I go downtown to brainstorm ideas for the senior play. We go to the Tattered Cover, scan book titles, thumb through various publications, and eavesdrop. When we get back to the school, we throw everything on a white board and start trying to find interesting connections and concepts. This year we got the seed of the idea even before we got to the bookstore.

While we were waiting for the shuttle on 16th Street, we saw a shoeshine guy who dominated the intersection with a powerful voice and a great sense of humor. The play concept came about as a direct result of seeing him.

So here’s the basic idea:

In order to complete a surveillance mission, two federal agents commandeer a downtown corner, along with the street musician who performs there.

The play will be performed by Marcus Christman, Matthew Christman, and Ethan White. As it turns out, the performance will take place on the Christman’s birthday—December 2.

As of right now, I have a relatively detailed outline. I basically know what’s going to happen and what order it will happen.

I’m starting the rough draft today. This will be the script we use at the read-through, Friday, October 14. The four of us will sit down and read through the script. I’ll then have a few weeks to rewrite it before we start rehearsals in November.

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